Pamper Yourself
Pamper Yourself

How it Works?

You do a lot of things for your family and friends. But in the process, you often end up ignoring yourself. You want to buy your favorite wrist watch, but you prioritize buying a toy for your child, or a birthday gift for your spouse, or an Air Conditioner for your parents. You have been giving the least priority to yourself. You have a wish on your mind. But every time you think of fulfilling it, some other priority comes up and you sacrifice your wish. Now it's time to prepare yourself!

Know how it works

Register and Login

Decide how you want to pamper yourself

Click on Goal

Select/set your Goal

Set the target date/timeline to fulfil your goal

Click on the View/ Edit

Select Events and set the timelines for all events

Pampering yourself could be as simple as

Getting massage
Learning some musical Instrument
Pursue your singing
Going on a solo trip to a surprise destination
Buy a designer bag/clothes etc

All the best

Now that you have taken the first step of pampering yourself, take a deep breathe and start planning to pamper yourself.